V.DE.M. di Vittorio De Michieli
30020 Gruaro (VE) - Italy - Via A. De Gasperi, 35/A
Tel: 0421.74600
www.arrowstop.com - E-mail: vdem@alfa.it
The V.DE.M. is the first factory based in Italy to manufacture targets for arrowstop since 1978.
Our targets are made with straw of two different kind: barley and rice, with special mixture, we got an excellent product for a very long time. Nowadays, there aren't another materials with these specifications, containing technical esigences and specially 100% biodegradable and available prices. Our targets are made in several diameters and thickness, for satisfy any request.

Our targets are used in national and international competitions, included world and european championship, getting a great success in all kind of archery. Infact we export all around Europe and we are recognized for our final touch, only in their class.
ART.10 Target 130 cm diameter x 9 cm thickness
ART.20 Target 130 cm diameter x 12 cm thickness
ART.21 Target 130 cm diameter x 10 cm thickness

arrowstop_regular_targets arrowstop_paglioni_regular_targest arrowstop_paglioni_regular_targets
ART.11 Target 90 cm diameter x 9 cm thickness
ART.12 Target 80 cm diameter x 9 cm thickness
ART.70 Target 70 cm diameter x 9 cm di thickness
ART.100 Target 100 cm diameter x 9 cm di thickness

ART.15 Synthetic strips target 70 cm x 70 cm x 30 cm wood frame, weight 8 kg
ART.16 Synthetic strips target 90 cm x 90 cm x 30 cm wood frame, weight 10 kg
ART.18 Synthetic strips target 130 cm 130 cm x 30 cm wood frame, weight 23 kg

arrowstop_optional_targets arrowstop_synthetic_targets arrowstop_synthetic_targets
ART.101 Wood support for targets 80 cm and 90 cm diameter.
ART.102 Wood support for big targets 130 cm diameter.
ART.113 Light and folding, galvanized iron support for targets 70 cm, 80 cm e 90 cm diameter.
ART.103 Big and folding iron support for targets 130 cm diameter.
ART.104 Backstop netting, color green, weight 400 gr, high 3 m.
arrowstop_accessories arrowstop_accessories arrowstop_accessories arrowstop_accessories